Robert Clark McKerahan


Born 1844  ~ Died 1901

Allegheny City, Pennsylvania

Welcome McKerahan's!  Do you see yourself in Robert?

My name is Michael McKerahan, decendant of Robert Clark. You can find out more about me at my Ham Radio Website.

 Over the years I have received several inquires about my Great Grandfather R.C. McKerahan. As I have the closest ties to this branch and still live only about a mile from his grave, I decided to put some of this information on the internet for the benefit of others who may be searching for McKerahan Branches.  Robert's Parents were Thomas and Jane (Clark) McKerahan, first of Allegheny (not yet a formal city) then of Sewickley, PA.  Sewickley is just minutes up the Ohio river from me now and only a short distance from "Ole Allegheny City". I am sure by now, many folks have attached branches to Thomas so the focus of this body of work will be on RC and those descended from him.

This is probably the first picture most of you have seen of RC. There were not many. He really does look like a McKerahan! I see a bit of my own father in him but he looks a lot more like my cousin Donald, who ironically lives just across the street from his grave. Literally about 400 feet. We never left our roots here in Allegheny, which is why we are the target of inquires when folks trace back to Robert. 

Robert Clark McKerahan is sadly buried in an unmarked grave next to his wife Martha Brooks McKerahan, our great Grandmother. There are 11 other McKerahans buried in this particular plot, none have stones or markers. If you would like to contact me I can be reached at